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Dallas Speeding Accidents Attorneys

Speed limit signs are posted on nearly every road in order to keep drivers safe and prevent dangerous driving. Unfortunately, far too many drivers blatantly disregard these traffic signs and use excessive speeds while driving. When this is the case, the resulting accidents can be among the worst on the road. Even a rear-end accident can become deadly if high speeds are involved. These accidents can leave individuals with life-changing injuries, along with extensive medical bills and lost wages.

At The Benton Law Firm, our Dallas speeding accident attorneys understand how truly devastating these accidents can be to an individual and their family. For this reason, our legal team is dedicated to fighting against the party responsible for a victim’s suffering and will work to get our client the compensation they may be entitled to.

Consequences of Speeding

Driving at a higher speed than the one posted can often lead to a number of other dangerous driving behaviors as a result. Some common negative effects of speeding on driving behavior include:

  • Loss of control of vehicle
  • Skidding/Hydroplaning
  • Inability to make sharp turns
  • Inability to stop at red lights or stop signs
  • Decreased visibility of road and other vehicles
  • Inability to react quickly to sudden changes

These are only some of the dangerous driving actions that are associated with speeding. When drivers are unable to drive safely due to a high rate of speed, catastrophic accidents can take place, often leaving innocent victims to deal with the suffering. In fact, some of the injuries that are often associated with speeding accidents can be life-changing, including:

What to do after an Accident

If you have been involved in a speeding accident due to a negligent driver, there are certain steps you should take following the collision.

  1. Take Pictures of Damage to Vehicles: Accidents involving high rates of speed often cause some of the worst damage to automobiles. Following the accident, it is vital to document the wreckage associated with the collision to have documented proof that it was caused by that particular incident.
  2. Get Necessary Driver Information: If your speeding accident was caused by another individual, getting their contact and insurance information is essential for future claims you may need to make.
  3. Go to the Hospital: Even if the injuries you sustained seem minor, going to the hospital after an accident can not only provide proof of your injuries, but can check for subtle injuries such as internal bleeding. Additionally, it documents that your injuries were in fact caused by the accident.
  4. Contact a Lawyer: When an individual speeds and causes an accident that harms an innocent victim, a lawyer can begin the process of fighting for the compensations you need. Don’t wait—call the lawyers at the Benton Law Firm today.

Contact a Speeding Accident Attorney in Dallas

At The Benton Law Firm, our lawyers understand how devastating a speeding accident can be to an individual and their loved ones. For this reason, our Dallas legal team is dedicated to holding the responsible parties accountable for their reckless and dangerous actions. To learn more, call our offices at (214) 219-4878 today.

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