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Dallas Truck Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a truck accident in Dallas, contact The Benton Law Firm to get the justice you deserve. If you’ve been harmed due to the negligent actions of a truck driver or the trucking company that employs them, we are here to fight for you. Large 18-wheeler trucks have the potential to cause severe damage in any motor vehicle accident and could result in catastrophic injuries for those involved. Furthermore, the recent oil boom throughout Texas has led to an increased number of these trucks on the road, which has resulted in a greater number of accidents involving large commercial vehicles and smaller passenger vehicles.

After a truck accident, you need to find a truck accident lawyer that understands the law, the industry, and how to make sure that you get what you are owed. The Benton Law Firm knows how to help Dallas residents struggling with injuries from a truck accident that they weren’t responsible for. We have won millions in compensation for our clients, allowing them to overcome profound setbacks and live full and successful lives.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, contact a Dallas truck accident attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options. By calling us at (214) 777-7777, you can get a free consultation where our truck accident lawyer will review your case to find out how best to pursue compensation from those responsible for your current difficulties.

How a Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

After a traumatic truck accident, many people are inclined to take the time to recover before pursuing a claim. They are often overcome with bills, cannot work, and are in an overwhelming amount of pain. It can seem as if the best course of action is to wait and recover before considering a claim. This instinct, however, can be damaging to your case and the amount of compensation you will receive.

If you or a loved one were injured in an 18-wheeler accident, you should contact an experienced Dallas truck accident attorney as soon as you are able. The limitations period on an accident claim begins running the second the injury occurs. Additionally, facts are still fresh in all witnesses’ minds shortly after the accident, and your attorney will be able to construct a claim with less difficulty if all witnesses can easily recall events. Similarly, the longer you wait, the more likely it is that crucial evidence will disappear.

A truck accident lawyer in Dallas will be able to assist you in fighting for the compensation you deserve. They can organize the necessary information and can use their knowledge of the legal system to fight against the tactics of truck companies, insurance agents, and opposing lawyers. By contacting a truck accident lawyer today, you allow your lawyer more time to assemble the best possible case with the highest likelihood of success. You also will be less burdened by the legal aspect of your recovery.

Why Choose The Benton Law Firm to Handle Your Case?

Truck accident claims can be difficult to pursue because of the money truck and insurance companies spend on experienced lawyers. The sole job of these lawyers is to delay your case and to prevent these companies from having to pay compensation to victims. That’s why you need a law firm that has a history of taking on these company lawyers and winning. The injury attorneys at The Benton Law Firm have won millions for our clients against every kind of legal opposition. We know how to use the law to counter every tactic an insurance company lawyer can use against you.

We are passionate about taking care of our clients and helping them receive the compensation they deserve for their pain and suffering. Our commitment to our clients has even earned us a Superb rating from our clients on Avvo. We do not let our clients get pushed around by those who try to use their power and money to cheat victims from their rightful compensation. We will use our extensive experience and legal knowledge to defend you against these stingy companies, as we have for so many clients in the past.

Damages You May Be Entitled

Trucking companies and their drivers have a responsibility to protect other drivers on Texas roads. When they fail in this duty, you are legally entitled to demand financial compensation from them. You may be able to collect money for many harms, including:

  • Past medical expenses: You can be reimbursed for the cost of your ambulance rides, emergency room visits, doctor appointments, medication, physical therapy, and more
  • Future medical expenses: If your injuries are severe enough that you will require long-term treatment, a truck accident lawyer can help ensure that those responsible pay for any future medical costs.
  • Loss of income: If you have had to take time away from work to recover, the responsible party can reimburse you for the lost wages.
  • Loss of future earning capacity: When your injuries are severe enough that they will make it difficult or impossible to work to your full capacity in the future, that lifetime loss in income can be calculated and added into a settlement.
  • Overall pain and suffering: An experienced attorney can quantify your pain and suffering and add it to your claim.
  • Wrongful death: If someone you love has died as a result of a truck accident, you can recover compensation for their final expenses and your loss of support. While this doesn’t replace a lost loved one, it does make it possible for you to be financially stable.

Who you will demand this compensation from will vary depending on the details of your accident. Truck accidents are more complicated than regular car accidents, which usually only involve the two drivers. In the case of a truck accident, the driver themselves, their employer, the truck manufacturer, the maintenance company, or any combination of these parties may be at fault. An experienced lawyer will be able to investigate the details of your accident to determine who is ultimately responsible.

Truck Accidents in Texas

In 2012, there were 389 fatal crashes involving semi-trailers throughout the state, as well as 133 fatal crashes involving a truck (distinguished from “pickup truck”). This is a significant increase from 2011, which saw only 303 fatal semi-trailer crashes.

The Texas Department of Transportation compiles this data to target the causes of fatal motor vehicle accidents and work to put a stop to these accidents. The increase in the number of large trucks on the road continues to grow each year and therefore leads to the possibility of more severe accidents. It seems as though nearly every day in a large city like Dallas, a news story breaks involving a crashed truck.

Truck accidents can have many causes and contributing factors, but many have to do with driver fatigue, distraction, or weather. Truck drivers may think they are driving with the utmost caution, but it can be difficult to maneuver a large 40-ton vehicle. Large trucks are prone to “jack-knifing” and toppling over if a turn is taken too sharply at too high a rate of speed.

Contact a Dallas Truck Accident Attorney

The Dallas truck accident lawyers at The Benton Law Firm understands that accidents are not an everyday occurrence and often have life-shattering consequences. Our personal injury attorney will work with you to develop your case strategy and work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. You should not be forced to cover your medical expenses and lost wages if you were not the responsible party. Contact us at (214) 777-7777 today to set up your initial free consultation.

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