Written by: The Benton Law Firm Last Updated : December 22, 2021

Drunk driving accident lawsuit filed against intoxicated driver

A drunk driving accident in Texarkana occurred around 2 a.m. on Sept. 29, 2013 and resulted in the deaths of two people. Another person ended up permanently disabled. The case is now at the center of a personal injury lawsuit, filed in Miller County Court in Arkansas during the last week of September.

Unfortunately, 38-year-old driver Tameka Pavon and 34-year-old Jercarlos Hawkins died in the accident. Twenty-eight-year-old Genaro Camacho, the plaintiff, survived the ordeal. Nevertheless, he sustained critical injuries. Camacho filed a lawsuit primarily against Chad Caldwell, who ran a red light at the intersection of State Line Avenue and 14th Street. Caldwell’s negligence resulted in Caldwell’s vehicle colliding with Camacho’s. Camacho’s complaint claims Caldwell drank at least 20 beers and several mixed drinks at Hopkins, an ice house. Additionally, he says the drinks continued after Camacho was intoxicated.

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