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Mt. Pleasant, TX – Victims in Two Fatal Semi Crashes On I-30 Identified

Mt. Pleasant, TX (March 31, 2019) Five people were killed and four others were injured in two devastating fatal traffic accidents in Mount Pleasant. The horrific traffic accident occurred on  March 22, 2019, at Interstate 30 near Jefferson Avenue exit.

A U-Haul truck was involved in a fatal crash at approximately 7:15 in the morning on I-30.  The U-Haul truck was towing a trailer behind it when the incident occurred.  This crash did involve a fatality.

Approximately one hour later, in about the same location, an 18-wheeler driven by Wanda Gebhart from Tennessee, 64, rear-ended a minivan.  Gebhart died as a result of this accident.

The minivan was being driven by Jessica Brokish who was driving her husband and three children when they were hit from behind by the semi.  Sadly, Jessica Brokish, 41-years-old, her three children, perished at the scene.   Her husband, Jeffery Brokish, 42, was medi-vacced to a trauma center in Tyler where he is in ICU in stable condition.

Several 18-wheelers were involved, occupied by Carlos Martinez, Juan Martinez, Ravshan Ibragim, and Abdul Al-Shaibani were also impacted by the crash. The drivers and passengers of these 18-wheelers were sent to the hospital with minor injuries. Authorities are still investigating the scene.

We would like to offer our sincere condolences to Jeffery Brokish and the family members of Jessica Brokish, their children, and their loved ones and friends.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was involved in these series of fatal incidents.  We hope that everyone will be able to recover from their injuries.

Texas Truck Accidents

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Mount Pleasant, TX - Jessica Brokish, Wanda Gebhart, 3 Children Killed in Mount Pleasant Crash on Interstate 30However, many truck accidents are caused by the negligence of some drivers. In 2017, there were 449 people killed by the result of distracted driving. If you or a loved one were seriously injured due to someone’s negligence, contact a professional Texas truck accident lawyer today.

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