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Austin, TX – Woman Injured in Scooter Accident on Rainey St

Austin, TX (June 9, 2019) On the morning of June 9th, a scooter accident happened on the 70 block of Rainey Street. A vehicle struck a woman in her 20s who was riding an electric scooter. The accident happened right before 3:00 a.m.

When emergency crews responded to the accident, they found the woman lying in the street with potentially life-threatening injuries. They immediately transported her to Dell Seton Medical Center for treatment.

The police are currently investigating to determine why the vehicle struck the woman.

Our thoughts are with the injured woman and her family. We wish her a successful recovery.

Scooter Accidents in Texas

Austin, TX - Woman Injured in Scooter Accident on Rainey StElectronic scooters are a popular trend in metropolitan cities because of their convenience and low cost. Thousands of people are riding public electronic scooters every day nationwide, but with the rise in scooter accessibility also comes a rise in scooter accidents. Because riders are not required to wear helmets, they are more susceptible to sustaining very serious life-changing injuries. Often times these accidents occur when riders are crossing the street and drivers are not paying attention, especially if the accident occurs after midnight.

At Benton Law Firm, we have experienced Texas attorneys who specialize in helping those who have been injured in scooter accidents file personal injury lawsuits. We do everything to prevent our clients from paying out of pocket for injuries they didn’t cause. If you or someone you love was harmed in a scooter accident, contact our office today for a free consultation at 214-219-4878.

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