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Wichita Falls, TX – Police Officer Injured in Car Accident on Burkburnett Rd

Wichita Falls, TX (August 3, 2019) On the morning of August 2nd, a car accident involving a police officer happened on Burkburnett Road, not far from Sheppard Air Force Base. A police vehicle, an SUV, and a dark-colored four-door vehicle collided. The impact of the collision left the police vehicle and SUV with rear-end damage and the dark-colored vehicle with frontal damage.

When emergency crews arrived, they found the police officer suffering from injuries and rushed the officer to the nearest hospital available. Crews helped removed all three of the damaged vehicles off of the road to prevent road blockage.

Authorities are still investigating to determine who will be held at fault for the collision.

We wish the injured police officer a complete recovery.

Car Accidents in Texas

Wichita Falls, TX – Police Officer Injured in Car Accident on Burkburnett RdHundreds of police officers are injured in traffic collisions nationwide every year. Often times, these collisions occur when police officers are on their way to assist others in an emergency. Other times reckless drivers rear-end police officers due to distractions, inebriation, and/or fatigue. There are other factors that could lead to a serious collision, which is why it’s important for those involved to follow up with an experienced Texas personal injury lawyer for legal assistance.

At Benton Law Firm, we have spent years representing injured victims and helping them win their personal injury lawsuits against negligent drivers. We have ample resources, knowledge, and experience, which is how we have successfully assisted thousands until they received fair compensation. Contact our office today for a free consultation at 214-219-4878 if you are in need of legal representation.

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