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Lorena, TX – 1 Injured in Pedestrian Accident on Old Lorena Rd

Lorena, TX (August 31, 2019) On the 30th of August, a pedestrian accident occurred on Old Lorena Road near Spring Valley Road. A vehicle struck a Lorena ISD student without warning causing injuries.

Emergency responders arrived and found the student laying in the roadway. They immediately provided aid to the student and then rushed the victim to the closest hospital for treatment. The condition of the student is unknown at this time.

The police are still investigating how the crash occurred.

We wish the injured student a full recovery.

Pedestrian Accidents in Texas

Lorena, TX – 1 Injured in Pedestrian Accident on Old Lorena RdIn 2015, approximately 70,000 pedestrians sustained injuries nationwide after being hit by vehicles. Most of the time drivers are distracted, fatigued, or inebriated when they strike pedestrians. Under these conditions, drivers are less alert and more likely to not see a pedestrian crossing the street, whether they have the right-of-way or not. Because drivers are in a large vehicle and capable of yielding, most states require drivers to yield to pedestrians even if they are not crossing within a marked crosswalk because they’re highly susceptible to injuries.

At The Benton Law Firm, we understand how traumatic pedestrian accidents can be for those who sustain injuries. Sometimes injuries require extensive treatment that can be costly, which is why we encourage injured victims to seek assistance from our experienced Texas personal injury lawyers, especially if they had the right-of-way at the time of the crash. Contact our office today for a free consultation at 214-219-4878 if you believe you were not at fault for an accident and would like to file a personal injury lawsuit.

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