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What are the Most Common Workplace Accidents?

Workplace accidents are some of the most common reasons workers’ compensation claims are filed. Some jobs are more hazardous than others, but even a slip and fall accident can have devastating effects for employees in the workplace. Many of these common accidents are caused by negligent activities. Employers cause accidents by taking shortcuts, failing to Read More

How to Drive Safely in a Hailstorm

Hailstorms are bad enough to weather at home, but on the road, they can quickly lead to trouble. Depending on the severity of the weather, hail is often accompanied by many other hazardous conditions including high wind speeds, dark skies, thunder, lightning, and the possibility of a tornado. Hailstorms can inflict significant damage in a Read More

Teaching Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Around Dogs

Many children love dogs and look forward to any opportunity to pet, play with, and run around with furry pets. However, children can easily become the victim of a dog bite or attack, which can scar them forever both physically and emotionally. Teaching children how to behave around strange dogs can help them feel more Read More

How to Spot Signs of Aggression in Animals

Many violent encounters with animals happen because children and adults misread signs of insecurity, fear, and aggression, all of which can lead to a bite or attack. Here are some of the most common signs of aggression to beware of in domesticated or feral mammals and how to react when you see them: Signs of Read More

When Do Most Pedestrian Accidents Occur?

Thousands of people are killed in pedestrian accidents across the U.S. every day. Most happen in urban environments and in places other than an intersection, but they all leave lasting effects on the victims. Most pedestrian accidents are the fault of the motor vehicle involved, not the person walking. Even though pedestrians are responsible for Read More

Who Can Sue for Wrongful Death in Texas?

Losing a family member can be difficult, particularly when someone else’s negligence lead to death. In the state of Texas, family members, including surviving spouses, children, and parents, can sue the party responsible for their loved one’s death. A wrongful death suit is another way survivors can receive justice against the responsible party and recover Read More

Safety Hazards to Watch Out for After a Flood

Flood Aftermath: Avoid These Safety Hazards The aftermath of a flood can cause safety hazards long after the storm has passed. Standing water can harbor bacteria and electricity, and vehicles can still be swept away in a swiftly flowing current. Keep these crucial after-flood safety hazard tips in mind if you encounter flooding: Addressing Home Read More

What Part of the Brain is the Most Susceptible to Injury?

The Most Injury Prone Area of the Brain and How to Protect It While most parts of your brain can be affected by an accident, the frontal lobe is the most vulnerable area. It is also one of the most exposed and most used parts of the brain, making injuries there frequent and devastating. What Read More

The Dangers of Lifted Vehicles

Many lifted vehicles on the roads have been modified for aesthetic appeal, rather than for function. The practice is not only considered distasteful and unnecessary by many, it is also unsafe for the driver and other vehicles on the road. Before investing money in a modification like a raised suspension and massive tires, consider these potential Read More

5 Most Dangerous Vehicle Modifications

Modifications may seem like a fun way to personalize your car or truck, but they can also compromise safety. Some modifications are even illegal in certain states. Knowing which are the most dangerous can help you stay safe on the roadways and prevent unwanted attention from law enforcement officials. Avoid these unsafe aftermarket modifications at Read More

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