El Paso man arrested for vehicular accident that caused death of 33-year-old woman

El Paso, Texas resident Gonzalo Pasilla II was arrested on Wednesday, July 6 and charged with accident involving personal injury or death in relation to a two-vehicle collision on March 2, 2016 that resulted in the death of 33-year-old Ruth Naomi DeSoto. According to police reports, DeSoto was driving a 2007 Jeep Liberty when it Read More

ATD says traffic backups in Austin caused by distracted driving

Motorists in Austin know that traffic is terrible. We all experience times when we sit in our cars waiting for a red light to turn green, only not to make it through once it does. The Austin Transportation Department (ATD) said even though Austin restricts the use of mobile devices while driving, distracted driving is still rising. In fact, Read More

Pack of dogs kills woman in Texas

36-year-old Erin McCleskey was recently attacked and killed by a pack of dogs that belonged to the owner of a residence she was visiting for a business-related matter. According to The City of Austin, police officers responded to the property when a caretaker went to the property to feed the dogs. The caretaker called 911 after discovering McCleskey’s body, which had Read More

Wrongful death suit filed against officer who killed teen

Eva Arevalo, the mother of Edgar Rodriguez, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Farmers Branch Police Department Officer Ken Johnson and the city of Farmers Branch in Dallas County. According to The Dallas Morning News, the charges come after Johnson shot and critically injured Rodriguez and killed his friend, Jose Cruz, on March 13, 2016. Arevalo’s lawsuit states Read More

Two vehicle collision near Edinburg kills one

A collision last Sunday, May 29, between a Ford Explorer and a Mazda SUV on State Highway 107 near the intersection with Cesar Chavez Road in Hidalgo County, resulted in the death of one individual. According to preliminary investigations made by the Texas Department of Public Safety, the driver of the Ford crossed the median, entered the westbound lane, Read More

Mother of girl with rope burn to neck sues school

Waco, Texas resident Sandy Rougely filed a personal injury claim against Live Oak Classical School, where her 12-year-old daughter is enrolled, after the girl returned from a school-sponsored camp out with an injury to the front half of her neck. School trustee Jeremy Counseller said in a statement that the student injured her neck accidentally after an accident with a rope swing. Read More

15% of adults living in residential care homes are injured from falls

A study conducted by the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health, headed by Samuel Towne, Jr., PhD, discovered that 15% of people living in residential care homes suffer from an injurious fall every year. More than 700,000 adults live in residential care facilities across the United States, with about 100,000 people at Read More

Ford Issues 3 Separate Recalls

2016 model Ford Explorers and 2015 and 2016 model years Lincoln MKCs are being recalled after 2 MKCs caught fire. The fires started when a block heater overheated. Block heaters are typically found in cars built to drive in cold regions. The severity of the fires and the wellbeing of the involved passengers are unknown Read More

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Dallas

Dallas, Texas is a fantastic place to live and work. We have a diverse culture, fun recreational outlets, and incredible restaurants. But every city has its dangerous neighborhoods. They all have areas locals tend to avoid because of their traffic jams, police activity, and general lack of safety. If you’re visiting Dallas or moving here, Read More

How to Know You're Too Tired to Drive

As a truck driver, you may drive hundreds of miles a day. Your job depends on efficient deliveries and safe driving records. Even though the laws on required rest have become more health-conscious, driving while tired is a serious concern for any professional driver. One mistake can be devastating for your career and your life. Read More

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