Top Boating Anthems

There is no better way to relax and unwind than by spending a day on the open water. Pack your sunscreen and your refreshments, but leave the playlist to us. Here is our list of the best boating tunes: 1. “All Summer Long” by Kid Rock. You do not have to spend your summertime in Read More

Top 7 Movies That Influenced Public Opinion

Part of the wonder of Hollywood is its ability to create meaningful discourse about important topics that face us as citizens today. Take a look at the top seven movies that got us as a nation talking: 1. All the President’s Men This film adaptation of the famed coverage of the Watergate scandal got citizens Read More

6 Best Movie and Television Attorneys

Hollywood loves lawyers. From the big screen to the small screen, we highlight some of our favorite litigators from Tinsel Town. 1. Atticus Finch, To Kill A Mockingbird Gregory Peck won an Oscar in this 1962 adaptation of the great American novel. Finch, a lawyer known for his unyielding sense of justice, fights to defend Read More

Youth Sports Injuries – The Most Dangerous Sports for Children

Playing sports is a great way for children to get active, learn important social skills, and develop coordination. The activities are fun and encourage families to spend more time together. For all the benefits of youth sports, however, there is one major drawback. Some sports are frankly very dangerous for children to participate in, and Read More

The Most Dangerous Intersections and Streets in Dallas

Whether you drive, ride a bike, or walk, there are some places around town that are simply more dangerous than others. The hazard may come from the amount of traffic, strange configuration, or other factors that make an area of town a more difficult place to navigate safely. While every street and intersection can become Read More

Post Injury Drug Testing and Texas Workers' Compensation

Some companies want their injured employees to submit to drug testing immediately after an accident has taken place. They do so to eliminate intoxication as a cause of the accident, which may preclude an employee from seeking workers’ compensation benefits. Federal laws require federal employees and workers in certain industries, like those who must work Read More

What Causes a Tire to Blowout?

Tire blowouts are often sudden and unexpected, leaving a driver scrambling to compensate for the lost control. Many blowouts are preventable with the right maintenance routine, but others can happen because of faulty products and weather conditions. What You Need to Know About Tire Blowouts Blowouts are more likely to happen in the warmer months Read More

Biggest Drug Injury Lawsuits in the U.S.

It seems there are new class action suits against pharmaceutical companies every day. Most of the biggest claims throughout history have affected thousands of people and caused life-altering affects they will have to live with for the rest of their lives. Here are some of the most prominent drug injury lawsuits in the U.S: American Read More

What to Do When There is an Accident in the Workplace

All workplace accidents should be reported, regardless of how minor. Seemingly small injuries can compound over time or become worse after the initial experience. Reporting an accident is one of the best ways to ensure you are able to get the coverage you need if you ever need to stay out of work to recover Read More

Tips for Handling a Car Accident

Car accidents can be tricky to navigate in the hours and days after the fact. You’ll likely be asked a series of the same questions from police officers, friends, medical providers, insurance company representatives, and others. If you have never been in an accident before, however, you may not know what to do or what Read More

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