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How Dangerous is Black Mold?

Molds that produce mycotoxins, like black mold, are considered very hazardous. The mold itself is not toxic, but the mycotoxin byproducts of the mold growth can cause respiratory problems, among other effects. Black mold is the common name for Stachybotrys chartarum mold, and it can grow inside homes and buildings, making it a very dangerous Read More

Who is Most at Risk for a Brain Injury?

These 4 demographics are most at risk for a brain injury While brain injuries can happen to anyone, they are more likely to affect certain demographics. Age and gender are two key risk factors for brain injury, with the very young and very old being most affected. Brain injuries range from mild concussions to life-altering Read More

Safety Tips to Remember in a Flood

Being prepared can help you and your family get through a flood in Texas without loss of life or injury. Many floods are considered “flash floods.” These floods happen fast, and the ground has no time to absorb the water. Here is what you need to know ahead of time to stay safe during flood Read More

Guide to Reporting a Workplace Accident

Workplace accidents can happen in every industry. Even office settings are subject to accidents during daily operations. In most cases, the only thing that employees need to know about reporting an accident is who to notify. A supervisor or human resources professional is the best place to start when it comes to workplace accidents. They Read More

How to Safely Stop a Dog Attack

All dogs have the potential to attack. From small chihuahuas to breed favorites like golden retrievers, the right set of circumstances can lead to a harmful situation. The best way people can prepare themselves is to understand why dogs attack and learn how to address a dangerous situation with confidence. The top reasons that dogs Read More

When and Where to Report Medical Malpractice

When a doctor’s negligence leads to a misdiagnosis, improper treatment, or other preventable error, it is considered medical malpractice. Malpractice suits arise when anyone in a healthcare provider role is negligent by act or omission, which leads to treatment that falls beneath the accepted industry standards for practice and causes harm to a patient. If Read More

Warning Signs of a Child Head Injury

In children, the warning signs of a head injury can be difficult to interpret. Whenever a small child strikes his or her head, the best course of action is to get a physician to inspect the injury. Sometimes, however, a responsible adult may not be around during the time of injury. If you leave your Read More

Who is at Fault in a Multiple Vehicle Accident?

When you step out of a car in an accident involving 3 or more vehicles, you may be confused about who is at fault. There are several different factors used to determine fault, and every state treats multiple car accidents differently. If you’re in a multiple car accident in Texas, here is how fault is Read More

What Causes Most Truck Accidents?

More often than not, trucking accidents are more severe than passenger vehicle accidents. Many commerical trucks are as much as 20 times the size of other vehicles commonly on the road, they inflict more damage, even at lower speeds, and often cause serious injuries to those involved. When driving a commercial truck or driving near one, it Read More

Truck Accidents on the Rise in Texas

Over the last three years, the number of truck accidents across the state of Texas has increased dramatically, now making the Lonestar State home to the most dangerous highways in the country. Across the state, fatalities involving trucks have increased by 50% since 2009, jumping 303 to 389 fatal semi-trailer crashes in Texas in just one Read More

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