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Dallas Speeding Accidents Attorneys

Speed limit signs are posted on nearly every road in order to keep drivers safe and prevent dangerous driving. Unfortunately, far too many drivers blatantly disregard these traffic signs and use excessive speeds while driving. When this is the case, the resulting accidents can be among the worst on the road. Even a rear-end accident can become deadly if high speeds are involved. These accidents can leave individuals with life-changing injuries, along with extensive medical bills and lost wages.

At The Benton Law Firm, our Dallas speeding accident attorneys understand how truly devastating these accidents can be to an individual and their family. For this reason, our legal team is dedicated to fighting against the party responsible for a victim’s suffering and will work to get our client the compensation they may be entitled to.

Do I Need a Speeding Accident Attorney?

The aftermath of a speeding accident can be overwhelming. You may have been injured, you may have unexpected bills to pay, and you may be losing money as you miss work during your recovery. By hiring a knowledgeable attorney, you can allow someone else to handle the legal challenges associated with a speeding accident while you focus on your recovery. An attorney can assist you in dealing with insurance companies, compiling all documentation that is necessary to prove your claim, and negotiating and litigating your case.

An attorney with experience in speeding accident cases will be best suited to represent you, having the skills and knowledge required to successfully pursue the best outcome. There are many ways in which speeding can contribute to an accident that causes a serious injury, and an attorney familiar with this type of case can more effectively leverage the best result. You should not have to handle this difficult situation alone. A compassionate and skilled injury lawyer will strive to recover the maximum compensation possible in your case.

Why Choose The Benton Law Firm to Handle My Case?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a speeding accident, you are likely preoccupied with handling the immediate issues, such as obtaining medical care for injuries. An experienced attorney can help alleviate your burden while pursuing the compensation you are entitled to. At The Benton Law Firm we know you have many choices when it comes to finding the right attorney to handle your case. Our firm is dedicated to fighting for your best interests. Your case is of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to using our experience in negotiation and trial advocacy to seek the results you deserve.

Jeff Benton founded The Benton Law Firm to pursue justice for people who have been injured through no fault of their own. He previously practiced law at a large firm and clerked for the Honorable Andrew S. Hanen in federal district court. Jeff has honed his trial skills in numerous personal injury cases, resulting in receiving the John Howie award from the Dallas Trial Lawyers Association in 2013. Jeff has also maintained a high rating from clients on Avvo, receiving a 10/10 superb rating. Jeff leads a team of successful lawyers at The Benton Law Firm, and he has had success even where other lawyers have stopped pursuing a case.

The team at The Benton Law Firm takes great pride in assisting injury victims in obtaining the compensation they deserve. When a speeding accident has devastated your life, you can turn to us to effectively represent your interests in negotiations and litigation. We will consistently keep you up to date about the progress of your case and work toward the best outcome for you.

Consequences of Speeding

Driving at a higher speed than the one posted can often lead to a number of other dangerous driving behaviors as a result. Some common negative effects of speeding on driving behavior include:

  • Loss of control of vehicle
  • Skidding/Hydroplaning
  • Inability to make sharp turns
  • Inability to stop at red lights or stop signs
  • Decreased visibility of road and other vehicles
  • Inability to react quickly to sudden changes

These are only some of the dangerous driving actions that are associated with speeding. When drivers are unable to drive safely due to a high rate of speed, catastrophic accidents can take place, often leaving innocent victims to deal with the suffering. In fact, some of the injuries that are often associated with speeding accidents can be life-changing, including:

If you have suffered any of these injuries after a speeding accident, you have options for compensation.

What To Do After an Accident

If you have been involved in a speeding accident due to a negligent driver, there are certain steps you should take following the collision.

  1. Take Pictures of Damage to Vehicles: Accidents involving high rates of speed often cause some of the worst damage to automobiles. Following the accident, it is vital to document the wreckage associated with the collision to have documented proof that it was caused by that particular incident.
  2. Get Necessary Driver Information: If your speeding accident was caused by another individual, getting their contact and insurance information is essential for future claims you may need to make.
  3. Go to the Hospital: Even if the injuries you sustained seem minor, going to the hospital after an accident can not only provide proof of your injuries, but can check for subtle injuries such as internal bleeding. Additionally, it documents that your injuries were in fact caused by the accident.
  4. Contact a Lawyer: When an individual speeds and causes an accident that harms an innocent victim, a lawyer can begin the process of fighting for the compensations you need. Don’t wait—call the personal injury lawyers at the Benton Law Firm today.

Even if you were unable to complete all of these steps after your accident, please do not hesitate to reach out to The Benton Law Firm. We can advise you as to your best legal options given the state of your claim.

Potential Compensation in a Speeding Accident Case

The best way to ensure that our clients receive the compensation they are entitled to is to conduct a thorough investigation following a speeding accident. We strive to get to the bottom of exactly how a speeding accident occurred so we can prove the fault of the speeding driver. Some cases may even call for experts to provide an analysis of exactly how the crash occurred. This can be very important in proving your damages, which is one of the necessary elements in order to receive fair compensation.

If you are successfully able to prove that the driver violated their duty of care to you by speeding, and that this choice directly caused significant injuries and expenses to you, you may be eligible for a variety of compensation, including:

  • Medical expenses, past and future, including ambulance rides, emergency room visits, surgeries, hospital stays, doctor appointments, medications, medical devices, and more.
  • Lost wages, if you were unable to go to work while you were recovering from your injuries.
  • Lost earning potential, if you will be unable to return to work at the same hours or rate of pay as before.
  • Property damage, for repair/replacement costs for your vehicle or any other property damaged in the accident.
  • Rehabilitative costs, including both physical and emotional therapy.
  • Pain and suffering, for any mental anguish or diminished quality of life that occurs due to the accident.
  • Death benefits, if your loved one is killed as a result of a speeding accident.

Because every speeding accident has different circumstances, we will evaluate your case to determine the value of compensation you deserve. This will enable us to negotiate effectively on your behalf to recover the compensation you deserve. The attorneys at The Benton Law Firm look forward to assisting you in evaluating and pursuing your case, and we will always keep you informed and use our best judgment.

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