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Dallas Personal Injury News

Personal injury settlement over injured gymnast delayed

A legal dispute over attorneys’ fees is slowing the personal injury settlement of a gymnast who incurred permanent brain injuries. Other issues from the 2014 accident include breach of contract and case poaching. Pat Hyland filed the lawsuit on Monday, October 17 against Waco attorney Craig Cherry and his law firm, Haley & Olson. The latter also filed a countersuit on Thursday, Read More

15% of adults living in residential care homes are injured from falls

A study conducted by the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health, headed by Samuel Towne, Jr., PhD, discovered that 15% of people living in residential care homes suffer from an injurious fall every year. More than 700,000 adults live in residential care facilities across the United States, with about 100,000 people at Read More

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Dallas

Dallas, Texas is a fantastic place to live and work. We have a diverse culture, fun recreational outlets, and incredible restaurants. But every city has its dangerous neighborhoods. They all have areas locals tend to avoid because of their traffic jams, police activity, and general lack of safety. If you’re visiting Dallas or moving here, Read More

Most Common Hospital-Acquired Infections

If you’ve ever been more concerned about contracting an illness at a health care facility instead of being healed, you’re not alone. Infections contracted at the hospital or another health care facility are called “nosocomial infections.” Related symptoms can start to appear soon after being admitted for a non-related reason or as many as 30 Read More

When and Where to Report Medical Malpractice

When a doctor’s negligence leads to a misdiagnosis, improper treatment, or other preventable error, it is considered medical malpractice. Malpractice suits arise when anyone in a healthcare provider role is negligent by act or omission, which leads to treatment that falls beneath the accepted industry standards for practice and causes harm to a patient. If Read More

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