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Dallas Boat Accident Lawyer

Living in Dallas, we frequently hear about car accidents and truck accidents on the news, but rarely hear about boating accidents. Despite what the rest of the country believes, Dallas has extensive water attractions that can lead to severe injuries if boats are not correctly operated. Many people often incorrectly assume that they can steer a boat if they can drive a car, but a boat involves a distinct set of rules and regulations. If you have been injured in a boating accident, contact the Dallas boat accident attorneys of The Benton Law Firm today to discover your options for seeking compensation.

Boating in Dallas

Boating is typically a spring and summer “sport” which unfortunately coincides with holiday weekends and heavy drinking. Boating while intoxicated is a very serious offense which law enforcement officers actively look out for especially during holiday weekends. However, they cannot be everywhere at once, and accidents do occur.

Boating accidents do not always involve two boats, but very frequently involve one boat and other people who are in inner tubes or other smaller water crafts. Only a few months ago, several children were injured in Joe Pool Lake after a boat slammed into them on the lake. Earlier this summer, another child was critically injured in Joe Pool Lake after a boat slammed into two boats which were tied together side by side. The majority of boating accidents do occur at night, but this is no excuse for irresponsible boating behavior.

Boating Accident Injuries

Many factors lead to boating accidents including alcohol, poor lighting, boat malfunction, driver inexperience, weather conditions or speeding. Boat accidents can be quite severe to the victims who are either sitting alone in the water or stationary on a boat. A motor boat flying at you full speed while you are sitting in the water in an inner tube can lead to devastating injuries that may take weeks or months in the hospital in order to fully recover. As a victim of a boating accident, you are eligible to receive compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, loss of future income, and pain and suffering. Boat operators are held to a high standard of care to prevent devastating injuries from occurring and when a boat operator neglects to take the proper precautions, they should be liable for any resulting injuries.

Contact a Dallas Boating Accident Attorney

The Dallas boat accident attorney at The Benton Law Firm understand the devastating injuries that can result from these kinds of accidents. Boating is a relaxing summer sport which too many people fail to act responsibly during. Boating accidents happen far too often throughout the state and unfortunately often involve children who do not know to quickly get out of the way of a speeding boat. Children and other family members should not be forced to swiftly swim out of the way because a boat operator cannot control their craft. If you or a loved one have been injured in a boat accident, contact the Dallas boat accident lawyers at The Benton Law Firm today at (214) 219-4878.

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