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In a world where we constantly worry about external factors like distracted driving, drunk driving, and general disregard of traffic laws, the health and maintenance of vehicles is often overlooked. Cars are complex machines that require regular upkeep and attention and, unfortunately, too many drivers neglect to take good care of their cars. Even more dangerous, however, is when maintenance shops don’t notice faulty parts or do a poor job of repairing or replacing them. These oversights and mistakes can result in disastrous accidents, potential injury, or even death.

The attorneys at The Benton Law Firm know that car accidents, particularly those that are entirely preventable with regular vehicular maintenance, are frustrating and can be devastating in light of serious injury or fatality. Our legal team is experienced and devoted to securing our client the compensation they may be eligible for.

Common Mechanical Failures

Operating a vehicle with damaged or faulty parts is a risk to the driver as well as everyone else on the road. Common mechanical issues that cause serious accidents include:

  • Faulty brakes: Brakes can wear out very easily with overzealous use and lack of maintenance. Brake pads, which are the key component to a car’s braking system, are the part that applies pressure and friction against the rotors to slow or stop them. If ignored, the wear of these pads will eventually cause the pad to make less contact with the rotor, preventing it from being able to slow or stop the vehicle.
  • Steering failure: A car’s steering system relies on the interaction between various parts, including the steering linkage, ball joints, rods, and power steering pump. When any of these parts become misaligned or if the power steering fluid reservoir gets low, the car becomes less responsive and its ability to move in the way the driver directs it decreases.
  • Tires: Even more so than brakes, tires can become worn extremely easily depending on the terrain, the weight of the car, and the driver’s typical care for them. Tires provide traction, so whenever the treads become worn or road conditions become dangerous – such as in extreme rain, snow, or ice – the ability of the tires decreases. It is the responsibility of the driver to make sure their treads are good and that their car is equipped to handle harsh weather conditions (e.g. using snow chains, using studded tires, etc.).
  • Malfunctioning wipers: Although drivers can’t control the weather, drivers are responsible for making sure that they can drive safely in certain weather conditions. Faulty or missing wipers can cause a driver’s view of the road to become obscured and lead to disastrous wrecks.
  • Burned out head or tail lights: It can be easy for drivers to neglect their lights, especially tail lights, simply because they cannot see if they are working or not when driving. However, these lights contribute greatly to other drivers’ ability to determine the presence and motion of the car. When these lights are burned out, it puts the safety of other drivers in jeopardy.

These are only a few of the most common mechanical malfunctions that can cause vehicular accidents on the road. Often times, these defects and glitches can be easily fixed; however, when a driver is negligent or a mechanic is careless, the lives of other drivers and passengers are at risk.

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At The Benton Law Firm, our attorneys understand car accidents can result in injury or death, which can be devastating, especially when these collisions are preventable with proper car maintenance. If you or a loved one has been a victim of a car accident due to a mechanical fault, know that you may be eligible to pursue a personal injury lawsuit to receive financial compensation. Contact our Dallas office today at (214) 777-7777 to discuss your situation and explore your legal options.

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