Duval County, TX – Helicopter Crash Victims Identified by Police

Duval County, TX (October 25, 2019) – A helicopter collision at a Ranch in Duval County left two victims deceased and one inured. On October 23, a crew was utilizing three helicopters to net deer on a ranch in the area when two helicopters collided. One of the helicopters crashed to the ground while the Read More

Duval County, TX – Helicopter Crash in Duval County Results in Fatal Injuries

Duval County, TX (October 23, 2019) – A helicopter crash northeast of Hebbronville left one person dead and two injured. On October 23, a group of individuals headed out in helicopters above Duval County. The trio was utilizing small helicopters to net deer at a ranch located just northeast of Hebbronville. While traveling across the Read More

Duval County, TX – Collision On State Highway 359 Victim Named

Duval County, TX (July 12, 2019) – On July 9, emergency crews were called to the scene of a motor vehicle collision on State Highway 359 just eight miles from Benavides. According to reports, Officer K. Kalteyer was working on the scene, blocking the roadway while Sheriffs from Duval County were conducting an investigation into Read More

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