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Dallas Dog Bites News

Dog Bites
August 8, 2015
Teaching Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Around Dogs

Many children love dogs and look forward to any opportunity to pet, play with, and run around with furry pets. However, children can easily become the victim of a dog bite or attack, which can scar them forever both physically and emotionally. Teaching children how to behave around strange dogs can help them feel more Read More

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Dog Bites
August 3, 2015
How to Spot Signs of Aggression in Animals

Many violent encounters with animals happen because children and adults misread signs of insecurity, fear, and aggression, all of which can lead to a bite or attack. Here are some of the most common signs of aggression to beware of in domesticated or feral mammals and how to react when you see them: Signs of Read More

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Dog Bites
May 26, 2015
How to Safely Stop a Dog Attack

All dogs have the potential to attack. From small chihuahuas to breed favorites like golden retrievers, the right set of circumstances can lead to a harmful situation. The best way people can prepare themselves is to understand why dogs attack and learn how to address a dangerous situation with confidence. The top reasons that dogs Read More

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