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Top 7 Signs You Need to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

According to a study conducted by the Center For Disease Control, over 83 million people visit a doctor each year for care following an accident. While some of these accidents are minor, some can cause substantial injuries.

If your injuries are severe enough to seek out medical attention, then you may need to also consult with a personal injury attorney. Accidents caused by the negligence of others can result in lawsuits, which is why seeking out some legal advice is a must.

Before settling on a personal injury lawyer to use, you will have to do some research. One of the best ways to find a great attorney is by scheduling a few consultations. During these consultations, you can get information about whether or not your case is worth pursuing.

The following are some of the signs that is time to hire an accident lawyer to help you out.

1. The Injuries You Suffered Are Serious

Have the injuries you sustained in an accident prohibited you from working or carrying on with your daily life? If so, it is probably time to schedule some consultations with personal injury lawyers in your area.

The last thing you want to do is hesitate in a situation like this due to the statute of limitations that exists for personal injury lawsuits. Presenting a lawyer with the facts of your case will allow you to find out what your injuries are worth.

Each state is different regarding how much they allow accident victims to collect for their injuries. This is why having a legal professional who is familiar with these laws on your side is beneficial.

2. Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney Is Important If Your Injures Are Permanent

In some severe accidents, the injuries a person sustains will be permanent. These types of permanent injuries will usually require long-term care that is extremely expensive.

Instead of having to pay for these treatments on your own, you will need to work with a lawyer to file suit against the negligent party. An experienced lawyer will have no problem helping you get the most out of your claim.

3. You Were Involved in a Car Accident Caused By a Defective Part

One of the most potentially damaging types of accidents you can be involved in is a car wreck. These types of accidents can be caused by a host of different issues.

If the car accident you were involved in was caused by a faulty auto part, then contacting a personal injury attorney is a good idea. The manufacturer of the defective part may be liable for the damage that your body and your car experienced during the wreck.

The only way to find out what your best course of action is in a case like this is by working with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Once the lawyer has the details of your case, they can start to work on getting you the compensation you are owed.

4. You Are Missing Work Without Compensation

Being injured in an accident can turn your life upside down. If the injuries you have sustained in an accident prohibit you from working, supporting yourself and your family can be quite difficult.

When injuries force you to take time off of work, you will have to seek out compensation from the negligent party that caused the accident. If the insurance company representing this person refuses to provide you with pay for your lost wages, you need to hire a lawyer.

A lawyer will work on your behalf to get this money so you can pay your bills and avoid financial hardships. Insurance companies make a lot of money by compensating injury victims. This is why having a legal professional on your side is so important.

5. Problems with the Insurance Company

When an accident is caused by a negligent party, it is the responsibility of their insurance company to compensate the injured party. Most insurance companies try hard to lower the number of payouts they have to make to customers and injured individuals each year.

Trying to negotiate with an insurance company without the help of a lawyer can end in disaster. If you are not familiar with the personal injury laws in your state, you are bound to make costly mistakes.

An experienced personal injury attorney will know how to deal with insurance companies. By letting them handle these negotiations, you can limit the amount of stress and frustration you have during this experience.

6. Exposure to Harmful Chemicals Can Be Dangerous

There are a number of personal injury cases each year that revolve around unsafe working conditions. Some work environments have hazardous materials and chemicals lying around. If you are injured due to the negligence of your employer, then filing a personal injury suit may be your only course of action.

A personal injury lawyer will work hard to build your case. They will use medical records, witness statements and even the help of private investigators to build this case on your behalf.

7. Mounting Car Repair and Medical Bills Following an Accident

The amount of damage that can be done during a car wreck can be quite substantial. Not only will your car take a beating during this ordeal, but your body can also take quite a battering as well.

If you have piles of overdue car repair and medical bills following an accident that wasn’t your fault, now is the time to reach out to a personal injury attorney. They can help you get the compensation needed to pay these bills and get your life back on track following an accident.

Don’t Rush Through the Lawyer Selection Process

The biggest mistake you can make when trying to find a personal injury attorney is rushing through the selection process. Taking your time and weighing all of the options you have is the only way to ensure the right lawyer is hired.

Are you trying to get compensation for injuries you sustained during an accident? If so, contact us now to schedule a consultation.

How to Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Dallas

If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, we know that you’re deeply concerned about getting compensation for your injuries. The same goes for the time you may have had to take off of work.

In short, you know you need an injury lawyer to fight for you.

But before you blindly start typing things like “personal injury attorney near me” into Google, you first need to know exactly what you should look for in order to connect with the best personal injury lawyer in and around the Dallas area.

In this post, we’ll cover the four main things you shouldn’t compromise on when it comes to connecting with a quality accident lawyer.

1. Get to Know Their Specializations

The first step in finding the right personal injury attorney?

Look for a legal professional that has experience with cases similar to your own. Remember that “personal injury” is an umbrella term for all sorts of accidents.

Are you dealing with a slip and fall accident that happened at work? Were you injured on a commercial property? Was the accident a result of a company’s negligence? Are you looking to get a settlement for medical malpractice? Were you injured in a car accident?

As you can see, there are many different ways that your case could take shape. First, figure out if the attorneys you’re thinking of working with have the right experience to help you get the compensation you deserve.

2. Verify Their Credentials

When you’re looking for a qualified accident lawyer, you’ll also need to take a look at their credentials.

Of course, you want to work with a personal injury lawyer who graduated from a top-tier school. But that kind of pedigree is far from the only thing you should watch for.

You should also ask how they further their education. For example, are they a member of any local lawyers guilds? Do they attend law conferences, or submit articles to legal journals? What about local clubs? This isn’t just about how they keep up with changes to the legal system.

It will also give you a better idea of the kinds of connections they have. Remember, when you work with an injury lawyer, you’ll also need to work with the police, medical professionals, and perhaps even seek additional legal counsel.

You need to know that the attorney you’re working with has a strong network of people who could strengthen your case to pull from.

Of course, it goes without saying you should verify their licenses on the Texas State Bar website.

3. Speak with Past Clients

It’s important to know the right questions to ask your potential attorney when it comes to their experience and credentials.

However, it’s just as essential to speak with their past clients directly. While every law firm worth its salt should have a client testimonial page on their website, you’ll need to dig deeper.

When you’ve found a lawyer you connect with, ask if you can have the names and telephone numbers of at least two references. If possible, try to connect with clients who had cases similar to your own.

When you speak with these references, go over the outcome of the case. Was it in line with the client expectations and the conversations between the client and their attorney–or way off base?

What about the legal fee structure? Were their hidden costs that the attorney wasn’t upfront about, or did the billing process make sense? How was the communication between the client and their lawyer? Were they made to feel like a priority, or did things always feel rushed?

Above all, would the reference work with this attorney again in the future? Or, are they telling you to run for the hills?

It goes without saying that if a lawyer can’t or doesn’t seem to want to give you any references, you’re not working with a top player in the legal field.

4. Check Their Recent Case Results

While the recent case results of a personal injury lawyer aren’t a guarantee of future results, they can certainly give you a good idea of what to expect.

They’ll also help you to determine how often the lawyer was able to help a client settle out of court, and how often a case made it to trial. You’ll also be able to take a look at the different settlement amounts past clients won.

Case results should also include a brief summary of the case. As we mentioned in our first point, you need to be certain that the legal professional has experiences with cases similar to your own.

If you feel like the attorneys didn’t fight hard enough for their past clients, or if there is no information about past cases to be found at all, it’s likely time to move on.

Ready to Work with a Top Personal Injury Lawyer in Dallas?

We hope this post has helped you to understand the most important things to look for when you’re on the hunt for a competitive and dedicated personal injury lawyer in Dallas.

Remember to investigate their credentials, connect with past clients, and see how their most recent cases have gone.

Of course, the best way to get to know an accident lawyer decide if you’re the right fit for each other is by scheduling a consultation.

Get in touch with us today to make an appointment with one of our attorneys. We’re looking forward to making sure that, when it comes to your case, justice is served.

Fort Worth ISD uncovers lead contamination in drinking water

Fort Worth Independent School District voluntarily tested the drinking water of their schools in June 2016. The investigation occurred after the lead contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan gained notoriety all over the country. Workers started demolishing old water fountains they believe were the source of the lead contamination.

Fort Worth ISD is recommending no more than 15 parts per billion of lead in water samples for schools. That number is much stricter than the standard set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA recommends no more than 20 parts per billion.

A recent lab report that conducted testing of the drinking water in Fort Worth ISD showed that out of 127 schools, 67 schools had all their water samples come back below 15 parts per billion. However, there were 34 schools found to have high levels of lead in their water, one of which was R. L. Paschal High School.

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Exploding washing machines reported in Plano

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 phones have been in the news lately for catching fire, but the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has recently issued a safety warning for its washing machines as well. .

John Stark,a resident of Plano, Texas reported earlier in October that his Samsung washing machine exploded. He was quoted saying, “I’m just glad no one was in the room, because there would have been some serious injury. I called customer service, and I said, ‘This is going to sound crazy, but my washing machine just exploded.’”

Attorneys at The Benton Law Firm can help you in the aftermath of significant personal injuries. Call (214) 219-4878 today to set up a consultation.

Personal injury settlement over injured gymnast delayed

A legal dispute over attorneys’ fees is slowing the personal injury settlement of a gymnast who incurred permanent brain injuries. Other issues from the 2014 accident include breach of contract and case poaching. Pat Hyland filed the lawsuit on Monday, October 17 against Waco attorney Craig Cherry and his law firm, Haley & Olson. The latter also filed a countersuit on Thursday, October 20.

Unfortunately, the whole legal battle now revolves around money. However, the dispute is not about the money Blake Hyland, the injured gymnast, will receive for treatment and future care. Instead, the case is about how much money Cherry will receive for taking the case. Darell Keith, the Hylands’ legal counsel against Cherry and his law firm, said: “For Craig Cherry, a high-flying, hotshot, double board-certified plaintiffs personal injury trial lawyer in a big Waco law firm, to portray himself as the victim of the brain-injured Blake Hyland’s father is like saying Darth Vader got fooled by a Boy Scout.”

Our professional and empathetic attorneys at The Benton Law Firm handle personal injury accident cases. Call our Dallas offices today at (214) 219-4878 to speak with a qualified member of our legal team.

Drunk driving accident lawsuit filed against intoxicated driver

A drunk driving accident in Texarkana occurred around 2 a.m. on Sept. 29, 2013 and resulted in the deaths of two people. Another person ended up permanently disabled. The case is now at the center of a personal injury lawsuit, filed in Miller County Court in Arkansas during the last week of September.

Unfortunately, 38-year-old driver Tameka Pavon and 34-year-old Jercarlos Hawkins died in the accident. Twenty-eight-year-old Genaro Camacho, the plaintiff, survived the ordeal. Nevertheless, he sustained critical injuries. Camacho filed a lawsuit primarily against Chad Caldwell, who ran a red light at the intersection of State Line Avenue and 14th Street. Caldwell’s negligence resulted in Caldwell’s vehicle colliding with Camacho’s. Camacho’s complaint claims Caldwell drank at least 20 beers and several mixed drinks at Hopkins, an ice house. Additionally, he says the drinks continued after Camacho was intoxicated.

If you or a loved one sustained injuries in a personal injury accident in Dallas or another area of Texas as the result of the negligent actions of other parties, do not hesitate to ask for the legal help of our attorneys at The Benton Law Firm by calling our offices today at (214) 219-4878.

Lawsuit filed against Sunoco Logistics after Nederland fire

Two employees of Sunoco Logistics, a crude oil transporting company, have filed a law suit after a flash fire that occurred at the company’s crude oil terminal in Nederland, Texas last month.

Both plaintiffs were hospitalized due to their intense burns and other injuries, a press release stated.

According to preliminary investigations, seven workers were harmed while welding at the Sunoco terminal, which handles crude oil and extracts condensate, naphtha and base oils.

Matthew Matheny, one of the legal counsels in the case, said their team will be conducting an investigation on behalf of their clients, noting, “We’ll be talking to witnesses and examining any records of safety and maintenance procedures at the facility. This is a horrible accident, and we are prepared to find out why it occurred.”

The attorneys at the Benton Law Firm provide legal services in Dallas and in other areas within Texas. We can assist you with the complicated legal matters associated with your personal injury cases. Call our offices today at (214) 219-4878.

Legal battle hounds Lockhart balloon crash

People are looking to find out who will be held liable for the deaths of all 16 people who were onboard a hot air balloon owned by Heart of Texas Hot Air Balloon Rides, which caught fire, slammed into a field, and finally crashed in Lockhart on July 30, 2016.

The hot air balloon owner was insured, but the policy will probably cover far less than what the families of the victims are expecting, a report from the American-Statesman showed. Standard balloon operator insurance policies – which are carried by 95% of balloon operators in the country – provide a ceiling of $100,000 per person for bodily injury and a cap of $1 million for every incident.

According to a spokesperson for the Texas Department of Insurance, aviation insurance is not federally mandated in the state, and provisions providing for such are not found in the Texas insurance code, unlike in other states, like California.

All of us at the Benton Law Firm take accidents like these very seriously, hoping to provide justice and support to any affected people. Our thoughts go out to all of the victims and those that survive them.

Bus-van collision kills four

Four individuals lost their lives during a van-bus collision that happened in Kingman in Mohave County in Arizona on Monday, July 25.

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, a van collided with the bus of the Dallas Cowboys, a professional American football team of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas. The people killed were occupants of the van. The bus was headed to a fan event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In an interview with local channel KXAS, Dallas Cowboys officials said that there were no players on the bus, only staff members, during the time of the accident.

Accidents involving commercial vehicles or semi-trucks are often more dangerous and can sometimes be tragic. The attorneys with The Benton Law Firm send their thoughts to the victims and their loved ones.

Hot air balloon crashes south of Austin, kills 16

A hot-air balloon operated by Heart of Texas Hot Air Balloon Rides crashed into high-tension power lines before coming to a violent landing in a pasture about 30 miles south of Austin on Saturday, July 30. The Lockhart accident resulted in the death of 16 individuals.

The hot-air balloon’s pilot, identified as 49-year-old Alfred “Skip” Nichols, moved to Texas from St. Louis, Missouri in 2014. Despite the negative press the pilot is receiving, his roommate, Alan Lirette, had nice things to say. “That’s the only thing I want to talk about, is that he’s a great pilot,” Lirette said. After the accident, police collected 14 personal devices, including cell phones and cameras. The police will use their findings to investigate the accident. As of yet, the victim’s identities have not been revealed.

At the Benton Law Firm, we see how difficult it is to recover from tragedies such as this one. Our thoughts and condolences are with the families and friends of the victims in this accident.

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