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Written by: Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers Last Updated : May 13, 2024

Commercial Litigation Attorney in Dallas

Commercial litigation is a broad term that covers business disputes which end negatively. These disputes can have drastic financial consequences for your company or yourself if they force your business to stand a standstill before any negotiations occur. If you are facing a business or commercial dispute, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Dallas commercial litigation attorney.

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    Types of Commercial Litigation

    Commercial and business dispute litigation include the following matters:

    • Contract disputes: contracts are lengthy, and any disagreement within the document can lead to heated negotiations that can disrupt the contract.
    • Oil and gas disputes: Texas is known for its oil and gas production. Any oil and gas leases can quickly become disputed concerning royalty payments and other lease agreement provisions.
    • Employment disputes: most employees enter into a contract with their employer upon beginning a job which outlines their duties and any other provisions, such as non-competes and confidentiality agreements. You may have a claim under the agreement if these provisions are breached.
    • Intellectual property disputes typically occur if you have not received compensation, credit, or royalties for your design or product.
    • Real estate disputes: real estate transactions include many different types of contracts that can be breached if one party is not forthcoming about an issue at the time of the contract.

    Commercial litigation also covers many other contract and business disputes unique to specific industries. Any dispute or breach of contract can have dire repercussions for your business. You face the potential of losing money each day the dispute continues. An experienced Dallas commercial litigation lawyer will work hard to quickly resolve the dispute and ensure you do not lose any further money. The party responsible for any dispute may be required to compensate you for any financial injuries you have received during the period of the business dispute. A business cannot move forward while attempting to resolve a business dispute, and this standstill can often have dire repercussions for your business.

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    Certain attorneys have geared their practice toward contract drafting and business law. Still, these same attorneys may not be able to protect you in case of commercial litigation or business disputes resulting from these contracts. Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers‘s Dallas commercial litigation attorney is experienced in defending clients who cannot agree with the terms of a contract or have experienced a breach of contract. Business negotiations can sometimes be challenging to agree on fully. They often require a thorough understanding of contract law, the business industry, and the specifics of your unique situation. Our attorney will carefully analyze all aspects of the contract and business to give you the best advice to proceed with negotiations or litigation.

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