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Dallas Sexual Harassment Lawyer

When most people hear the term “sexual harassment,” they often picture the relatively harmless offense of a little boy pulling a girl’s pigtails. While not appropriate, it does not incite the range of emotions that harassment does in adults. In reality, sexual harassment involves a greater criminal offense which can also be brought in civil court and may result in significant compensation with the right Dallas sexual harassment attorney. Victims of harassment often suffer severe emotional trauma, as well as physical injuries, depending on the level of harassment.

Common Forms of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual Harassment in Texas

Sexual harassment often occurs in a workplace environment and is vastly under-reported. Victims often feel that they are unable to bring a claim because of the consequences it could have on their reputation and career. However, it is important to keep in mind that harassment of any kind is not allowed. Harassment that is sexual in nature is both a criminal and civil offense, and if you were a victim, chances are there are many others.

Sexual harassment includes the following forms of behavior:

  • Inappropriate touching
  • Engaging in an inappropriate conversation
  • Gesturing provocatively
  • Promising job advancement in return for sexual favors

Claims of sex harassment often turn on the injuries received by the victim, which are largely financial. If you believe you were fired from your job due to your unwillingness to participate in inappropriate conversation or activity with your supervisor or coworkers, you may be able to make a claim. Victims often report the inappropriate activity to a supervisor which is then ignored. Any form of written complaints about how you were harassed sexually will be extremely helpful in setting up a sexual harassment case.

Being sexually harassed often disrupts your work environment and can cause you to leave your job rather than face the continued unwanted behavior. Other employers give an unwilling employee the option of either participating in the continued harassment or receiving a demotion. This behavior is not tolerable and any employer who acts in this way should be held accountable for their actions. Any physical, emotional, or financial injury you receive as a result of being harassed should be compensated by the responsible party.

Contact a Dallas Sexual Harassment Attorney

If you have been the victim of harassment, do not be afraid to speak to our attorney at The Benton Law Firm about the incident. Our Dallas personal injury attorney has years of experience handling all kinds of harassment claims and understands that most victims are often hesitant to bring claims due to the repercussions that may occur. Most sexual harassment claims involve inappropriate workplace behavior, but others can occur within a group of friends or family members. It is important to make a claim in order to prevent this behavior from continuing, and in order to receive compensation for any injuries you may receive.

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