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Written by: Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers Last Updated : May 1, 2024

Wrongful Death Attorney in Brownsville

Have you lost a family member or loved one because of another individual’s negligence or reckless behavior? The team of Brownsville wrongful death lawyers at Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers is here for you in your time of need. Our mission is to help the residents of Brownsville who are pursuing justice on behalf of loved ones who have tragically passed. If someone’s actions or inaction caused the death of someone close to you, you could seek compensation for pain and suffering. You are entitled to medical and funeral expenses, interest on those expenditures, and more. A skilled attorney at Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers will provide a complimentary evaluation and help determine the next steps you should take in the wake of this tragedy.

For over six years, we have worked with Texas families to help deal with a death in the family. We understand how painful and devastating a loss can be. For this reason, we want to see the person or parties who acted negligently held responsible. Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers has won millions of dollars for Brownsville families. We are ready to put our experience to work for you.

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    Benton is a Fixture in the Brownsville Community

    Since 2012, Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers has worked to become recognized as a fixture in the Brownsville community. For many of us, this city is where we grew up and chose to raise our families. The people we represent are much more than clients. We are sympathetic towards family members and friends who must reconcile with sudden and wrongful death. Our legal team does not tolerate people who make bad decisions and leave destruction in their wake. We will fight for you and help you receive the compensation your family deserves. Contact us today by filling out our email form, calling us at (956) 230-6390, or clicking the grey banner on your screen to chat live with one of our representatives.

    Why You Need A Brownsville Wrongful Death Attorney

    Having to pick up and carry on after losing a loved one can be the most challenging experience in someone’s life. The emotional turbulence that ensues after a loved one has passed can be overwhelming. It can lead to unbelievable worry and stress. You may be wondering: How will I move on with my life? How do I prove that my partner, child, or friend died due to someone else’s bad decision-making? Do I need to hire a lawyer?

    You could receive compensation to cover the costs you’ve incurred or will incur due to your loved one’s death. These emotional and financial losses include medical bills, burial and funeral costs, loss of companionship or love, pain and suffering, and lost income. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that someone without an attorney will be able to recover all of the damages they deserve. If you have a skilled personal injury attorney on your side, you are much more likely to get maximum compensation in a wrongful death case.

    The legal system can be intimidating. Do not let fear hold you back from pursuing justice. Let Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers handle the painful phone calls and process the necessary paperwork so you can begin to mourn and heal during your loss. We offer a free, confidential consultation for our first-time clients.

    Why You Should Choose Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers

    After your loved one has passed, you will have many questions. How do I know which Brownsville personal injury firm is right for my case? How do I know which firm will fight on behalf of my family? Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers will be able to provide honest and comprehensive answers to your most detailed questions.

    The following are some of the characteristics that set Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers a tier above other personal injury firms:

    Our Experienced Team: Jeff Benton participated in the Houston Law Review. He worked for a prestigious local judge and held a staff position at a premier law practice before creating his own law firm. He has worked to maintain his firm’s 10.0 AVVO rating and has been instrumental in rewarding his clients with multi-million dollar settlements.

    Client Satisfaction: Our testimonials demonstrate how our firm has provided top-notch customer service to our clients in the last six years. We work hard to see our clients treated well throughout the entire process of their cases. This means that we communicate with our clients to keep them updated on how we are working to serve their needs.

    Track Record: We encourage prospective clients to read our Case Results to hear how our personal injury attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for our clients.

    From our years of experience to our glowing track record and persistent ability to satisfy clients, we have worked to become one of the most trusted firms in Brownsville. Contact us today but filling out our email form. Call us at (956) 230-6390. Or clicking the live chat banner on your screen to chat live with one of our representatives.

    Brownsville Wrongful Death Incidents

    Many situations can fall under the category of wrongful death. No matter your situation, an attorney at Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers will be ready to evaluate your case. Our primary concern is delivering justice to those who deserve it most. Below are some common wrongful death scenarios we see at our firm:

    Car Or Truck Accidents

    If a driver was distracted, driving under the influence, or was not following the rules of the road and caused your loved one’s death, you could hold them responsible for the wrongful death. Drivers must operate their vehicles safely to avoid harming others on the road. The Texas Department of Transportation reported 3,773 motor vehicle traffic fatalities in 2016. There were no days in 2016 in which nobody died in a car crash One person died every two hours and 20 minutes. In 2016, DUI-related car crashes resulted in 987 deaths. Distracted driving crashes resulted in 455 deaths.

    Medical Malpractice

    Medical practitioners, including surgeons and emergency room doctors, must meet a standard of care when treating patients. If a doctor acts negligently while treating a patient, they could be liable for the resulting injury, illness, or even death. Examples of medical malpractice include failing to identify symptoms. Making an error during surgery. Failing to follow up with a patient when necessary. Or not considering a patient’s medical history, allergies, or intolerances. An NPR article reported that according to a study by John Hopkins, medical malpractice errors in America cause 250,000 deaths yearly. Researchers also say that medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death.

    Criminal Behavior

    If an individual’s criminal behavior, such as abuse or homicide, resulted in the death of someone you love, they could face civil and criminal penalties.

    Workplace Deaths

    Employers must follow standards set by the Occupational and Safety Health Act (OSHA) so that the workplace is safe for workers to perform their jobs. It is of the utmost importance that employers create an environment that provides adequate protection from harm. They must offer respiratory protection, safe electrical or wiring training, and general protection from hazardous chemicals, machines, and electrical equipment. OSHA acknowledged 5,190 workers were killed while at work in 2016 alone. The Texas Tribune reported that Texas ranked 14th in workplace deaths in 2014.

    The Brownsville attorneys of Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers are here to help you if you’ve lost a loved one in a tragic accident. We are here to help, and we know what to do to help your family get justice for your loved one. Contact us today.

    Contact Our Brownsville Wrongful Death Lawyers

    The grieving process after the loss of a loved one can be difficult. At Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers, hundreds of family members feel confused, upset, and angry that the person they loved died because of someone else’s negligence. We have helped countless Texas residents deal with their loss and want to do the same for you. We do not charge for initial consultations and are ready to listen to your story. Contact us today by filling out our email form, calling us at (956) 230-6390, or clicking the grey banner on your screen to chat live with one of our representatives.


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