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Being bitten by a dog can be a horrific experience. An attack may lead to severe and even life-threatening injuries. Sadly, many dog attack victims are children. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 4.5 million dog bites occur yearly. If a vicious dog attack harms you or a loved one in the El Paso area, the dog owner, landlord, property owner, or homeowner’s association can be held liable. Call our El Paso dog bite lawyers for a free consultation.

The El Paso dog bite lawyers at Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers have established an impressive record of success protecting injured people across Texas. Let our skilled team of trial attorneys fight for the fair compensation you are owed if a dog has severely bitten you. We will work hard for you to move forward with your recovery.

At Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers, we fight for people whom a dog has severely bitten because we believe you deserve justice and that legal action will help make the El Paso community safer. We are here to represent you to the best of our ability so that you can get the financial compensation you need to heal. If you want more information on your rights as a dog attack victim or are ready to file an injury claim, our experienced dog-bite attorneys are prepared to answer your questions and guide you through every step. Let our team help you get the justice you deserve. Start by calling us at (915) 320-8000 today.

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    Why Do I Need an El Paso Dog Bite Lawyer?

    At Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers, we understand the terrifying and agonizing injuries that dog bite victims suffer after an attack. Often, the victim will need expensive medical care and rehabilitation. You may struggle to support yourself and others if you miss work due to the attack. The road to recovery is more difficult as these expenses begin to pile up. If you believe that the attack resulted from the dog owner’s careless conduct, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Even if the dog owner is someone you know, you shouldn’t have to pick up the tab for someone else’s carelessness.

    Yet, the tangled laws which govern dog bite claims mean that holding the responsible party accountable for the attack requires the expertise of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney. Our compassionate and knowledgeable attorneys are standing by to help you navigate this unfamiliar legal landscape. Our team understands your rights and will not back down from a fight. Do not hesitate to take legal action if someone else’s dog has attacked you. Set up a free consultation by filling out a contact form on our website or call us at (915) 320-8000.

    Why Choose Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers?

    Dog Bite Lawyer Serving El Paso, TxThe El Paso dog bite attorneys at Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers are prepared to fight on your behalf, not just because we want you to win financial compensation but also because we believe your case will make our El Paso community safer. You have the right to hold the responsible party accountable for what happened. We proudly serve injured people across Texas and have recovered millions of dollars for our clients. If a dog owner’s recklessness has caused you harm, our experienced dog bite attorneys will fight for fair compensation for your injuries and mental anguish. Our attorneys are sympathetic to your suffering. We believe the cost of hiring an attorney should not deter you from seeking the justice you deserve. We will work for you on a contingency basis, meaning we won’t get paid unless you do. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our team today by calling (915) 320-8000.

    Texas Dog Bite Laws

    Texas laws regarding dog bites are a “one bite rule.” This common law principle states that the victim of a dog bite can be owed compensation from the dog owner if:

    • The dog had bitten someone before and demonstrated aggressive behavior before the incident, or
    • The dog owner was aware of the dog’s conduct before the incident.

    Under Texas law, both elements must be met for a victim to recover damages caused by a dog attack. For example, if you were mowing your lawn and your neighbor’s dog ran into your yard and bit you, you will have to prove that your neighbor knew the dog was aggressive or show that your neighbor was negligent in restraining or monitoring the dog’s conduct.

    Proving Negligence in a Dog Bite Claim

    In Texas, if you or someone you know was the victim of a dog attack, you may recover any damages if you can prove that the dog owner was not only aware of the dog’s aggressive behavior but also failed to exercise “reasonable care” to prevent the dog from biting others. This is called negligence. For instance, if an owner of an aggressive dog regularly lets the dog loose without a leash, a court may rule that the dog owner was negligent. Likewise, if the unrestrained dog attacks you, then you may be entitled to seek financial compensation.

    Homeowner’s Insurance and Dog Bites

    As traumatizing as a dog attack can be, the path toward physical and financial recovery can be compounded if the dog owner is somebody familiar to you. Sometimes the dog owner is a family member or a close friend. But if you or a loved one cannot pay the mounting medical bills after a dog attack, you may find yourself facing a difficult decision.

    You shouldn’t go into debt because someone else’s dog bit you. Every dog owner has a civic responsibility to keep their pet from biting others, or else they may have to pay for their dog’s actions. Fortunately, many homeowner’s insurance policies cover dog bite liability expenses up to the liability limits (typically $100,000-$300,000). This means that when you file an injury lawsuit after being bitten by a dog, it is likely that the owner’s insurance will be the one paying your medical bills, not your neighbor, friend, or family member out of their pocket.

    For this reason, you should immediately contact an experienced attorney who knows the intricate details behind dog bite claims to discuss your legal options and how to secure the money you need to pay for your bills if a dog attacks you.

    Contact Our El Paso Dog Bite Lawyers

    Most injury claims indeed end in settlements, not trials. Our attorneys prepare every case as if it will go to trial, and we ensure that every case is as solid and convincing as possible. We won’t back down from a fight, as evidenced by our track record of successful settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients. We’re committed to helping our friends and neighbors here in the El Paso community who a dog has bitten.

    When it comes to choosing an attorney, experience matters. Choose a firm that has proven they have the resources and experience necessary to recover for you. Choose Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers and know that your case is in good hands. Schedule your consultation by filling out a contact form, chatting with us live, or calling us at (915) 320-8000 today.

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