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Written by: Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers Last Updated : May 1, 2024

Concussions in Truck Accidents

The brain is one of the most vital organs in the human body. When the brain is damaged, it can cause many potential complications. Concussions are one of the most common injuries that affect the brain. If you suffered a concussion in a truck accident that wasn’t your fault, call us today to discuss possible compensation for your suffering.

For a long time, concussions were viewed as a mild form of injury. Today, as we gain new insight into the human brain, we know that concussions can be a serious medical condition. In the short term, concussions can disrupt a person’s life, causing pain and memory problems. Multiple concussions can cause long-term health problems and complications. Concussions in children can even impact brain development.

Unfortunately, concussions are one of the most frequent injuries reported in motor vehicle accidents, especially accidents involving large trucks. Large commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded with cargo. Because of their enormous size and weight, these trucks can cause catastrophic injuries to passengers in smaller vehicles.

If you or a loved one has suffered a concussion or other serious injury after being hit by a large truck, contact the experienced Dallas truck accident team at Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers. At Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers, we understand the heavy toll a brain injury can take on your life. We strive to help victims like you recover the compensation they deserve after an accident. Call us today at (214) 777-7777 for a free legal consultation, and let us help you get the money you need.

What is a Concussion?

A concussion is a form of traumatic brain injury. Concussions are generally caused by a sudden jolt or blow to the head. This blow can send the brain crashing into the front and the back of the skull, causing significant damage. A sudden jolt to the head can also cause the brain to twist inside the skull. The sudden and violent movement of the brain can result in serious damage. While most concussions are not considered life-threatening, concussions can have serious consequences.

The forces that cause a concussion can damage the brain by bruising nerves and injuring blood vessels. The resulting damage to the nerves and vessels can cause chemical changes in the brain. These chemical changes may result in a loss of normal brain function, though this change is usually temporary. While a single concussion may not be enough to damage the brain and result in long-term complications significantly, multiple concussions can create structural changes in the brain. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, or CTE, is a brain disease that may result from multiple concussions or blows to the head.

How Do Concussions Happen in Truck Accidents?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data estimates that motor vehicle crashes are among the most common causes of concussions and other traumatic brain injuries. Truck crashes are one of the most devastating types of traffic-related accidents. The Texas Department of Transportation estimates that in 2020, Dallas County recorded 3,735 crashes involving large commercial trucks.

The results can be devastating when an 80,000-pound vehicle collides with a 3,000-pound passenger vehicle, even at slow speeds. Concussions are especially common in rear-end accidents involving large trucks. The sudden impact from behind can jolt victims in the lead car, causing head injuries. More serious head injuries can also result from victims being forced into the dashboard.

Concussions can also occur when the force of an impact sets off a motorist’s airbags. If the jolt doesn’t do immediate damage, the sudden deployment of the vehicle’s airbags can generate enough force to jolt the head, causing a concussion. Some of the most common truck accidents that result in concussions include:

Large trucks can cause significant damage to smaller passenger vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that in 2017, 72 percent of those killed in large truck accidents were the occupants of smaller passenger vehicles. The size and power of commercial vehicles make them particularly dangerous to other motorists, especially if the truck driver is reckless or negligent.

Symptoms of Concussions

One of the most common concussion symptoms is a loss of consciousness. However, not all concussions result in blacking out, so some people do not realize they have a concussion until they see a physician. Unfortunately, other concussion symptoms can be subtle and often don’t manifest themselves right away.

Some of the most common signs of a concussion include:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Blurry vision
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Memory loss
  • Slurred speech

Delayed signs of a concussion can also include:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Sensitivity to lights and sounds
  • Personality changes

Diagnosing Concussions

Concussions should never be considered “minor.” After an accident with a truck, victims need immediate medical attention to assess their injuries and check for signs of brain trauma. Healthcare providers will typically conduct a complete neurological examination to check for concussion and brain trauma signs. A neurological exam may include the following:

  • Tests of motor function and reflexes
  • Vision test
  • Eye movement test and eye reaction to light
  • Hearing test
  • Physical examination of head and neck
  • Verbal questions designed to test problem-solving and memory

Sometimes, a physician may also want to order a CT scan or an MRI. These imaging tests can check for signs of bleeding and swelling in the brain.

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