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Written by: Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers Last Updated : May 1, 2024

If you have a traumatic brain injury due to a Dallas truck accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation. You need an experienced legal team to build a solid case to pursue the full monetary amount you deserve. The Dallas truck accident lawyers of Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers have been through this process many times before, and we are ready to fight for you so that you can move on from this difficult time. Call us at (214) 777-7777 today to discuss your accident with one of our personal injury lawyers.

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    What Is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

    A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an injury that affects how the brain works, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Blunt force may cause it to the head or an injury penetrating it. TBIs are generally classified into three main types: mild (also called a concussion), moderate, or severe. Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of TBIs, with about 166 TBI-related deaths each day.

    A TBI may be caused by hitting your head on items like a windshield, a steering wheel, or a dashboard. It may also happen in cases where the victim did not even make direct contact with an object during the crash. A TBI may occur when the amount of force during the accident is so great that the victim’s brain suffers impact inside the victim’s skull.

    Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms

    The symptoms resulting from a TBI may vary greatly depending on the degree of injury. On the mild end of the spectrum, the symptoms may present as slurred speech, brief loss of consciousness, sensitivity to light or sound, and ear ringing. These may be similar to typical symptoms of a concussion.

    A TBI classified as mild generally means the injury is not considered life-threatening. That said, the impacts of a mild TBI may still be critical. The symptoms of a severe TBI may include seizures, numbness of limbs, repeated vomiting, and prolonged headaches that may even get worse.

    A TBI is a serious type of brain injury, and if any of these symptoms are encountered, the individual should seek immediate medical care. Even if symptoms appear minor, only a doctor can perform the necessary examination to determine the extent of the injury.

    Medical Treatment

    A doctor will diagnose a TBI using various examination tools, including a neurological exam and imaging tests, such as MRI and CT scans. Treatment will vary based on the degree of injury.

    A mild TBI may require relatively minimal medical care and place a heavy emphasis on rest. Treatment for a more severe TBI may include surgery, long-term medical attention, rehabilitation (including speech and physical therapy), medication, and counseling to manage the resulting stress and provide emotional support.

    The impacts of the injury and the resulting duration of treatment may last for years, depending on the severity of the injury and how quickly the injury is treated. For this reason, a victim of TBI must get medical attention as soon as possible.

    The financial responsibility of paying for these medical treatments should not fall on your shoulders if you are not at fault for the accident. Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers will take charge of your case to help you hold the responsible party liable so that you can focus on your recovery and rebuilding your life.

    Who Is Responsible for Your Injury?

    For your legal team to prove responsibility, they must demonstrate that another party caused the accident through their negligence. This means that they either failed to act safely or caused harm through their actions. Demonstrating this will involve providing evidence to prove that the at-fault party’s negligence directly caused your injury. In other words, if the responsible party had upheld their duty to act safely, you would not have been injured.

    For your legal team to prove negligence, they must acquire documentation as evidence. This may involve time-sensitive items that must be collected to build your case. Because of the amount of detail and the high volume of evidence required, you need an attorney familiar with obtaining and preserving all the necessary items.

    The Dallas truck accident lawyers of Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers will build the strongest case possible to pursue the full monetary amount you deserve. We will begin the collection of evidence and documentation from all relevant sources, which may include:

    • Police reports
    • Reports from witnesses
    • Any physical evidence obtained from the accident scene
    • Photos taken at the scene
    • If available, any video from vehicles equipped with cameras
    • Truck inspection records
    • Drug and alcohol testing
    • Documentation of driver service hours


    If you are the victim of traumatic brain injury as a result of an accident with a commercial truck, this has likely placed a significant strain on you and your family. The negative impacts can be overwhelming, and it may seem difficult even to know where to begin. You may be facing a growing stack of medical bills and wonder how you will pay them all.

    If someone else is at fault for your injury, you may be entitled to financial compensation to cover the accident-related expenses and losses you have incurred in the past and will incur in the future. This type of compensation is called damages; money paid directly to the accident victim. Damages may include monetary payments for:

    • Initial medical bills from the emergency room, hospital stays, surgery, and doctor visits
    • Ongoing medical treatment, which may include costly prescription medication, working with a physical therapist, and regular medical care with other specialists
    • Lost wages
    • Reduced ability to work as a result of the injury
    • Emotional distress
    • Loss of enjoyment of life

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    If you have sustained a traumatic brain injury from a truck accident in Dallas that wasn’t your fault, you need a legal team with experience to fight for your compensation. Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers is ready to begin work on your case today, and we will guide you each step of the way to put your mind at ease. We have done the same thing for many satisfied clients in a similar situation after an accident that was not their fault.

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