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Fort Worth Product Liability Attorneys

As consumers, we expect the products we buy to improve our lives, not ruin them. If a product is defective, it can potentially cause serious harm or even death. Product liability laws are in place to ensure that designers, manufacturers, and distributors of products do everything in their power to uphold safety standards to protect consumers. When they fail, an experienced product liability lawyer can help you hold the negligent parties accountable.

If you or a loved one has suffered because of a defective product, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your loss. Contact a Fort Worth product liability lawyer to learn about your legal options.

At The Benton Law Firm, we know that being a victim of someone else’s mistake can make you feel vulnerable and overwhelmed. We want to make the legal process of seeking restitution as painless as possible, so we offer free initial consultations, and we don’t collect a fee unless you win your case. Call us today at (817) 935-8000 to set up your free consultation.

Do I need an attorney?

Seeking damages in a product liability case is extremely difficult on your own. Enlisting the aid of an experienced product liability attorney will greatly improve your chances of a successful outcome. Your attorney can help you navigate the difficult process of proving product liability that requires timely action, thorough investigation, and aggressive litigation. Recovering from an injury caused by someone else’s negligence, whether that is an individual or a company, is a painful process that is made more stressful when you have to deal with complex legal matters at the same time. With the experience of an established product liability attorney, you can rest assured that all of your legal options will be reviewed to develop a strategy for a successful outcome to your case.

Why should I choose The Benton Law Firm?

At The Benton Law Firm, we know that there are many lawyers to choose from for your legal needs, so we have always sought to stand out as exceptional in our commitment to our clients. As passionate members of the Fort Worth community, our attorneys and legal team are determined to make satisfied clients a priority. We are proud of the millions we have won in restitution for our clients because behind those successful settlements are satisfied clients who make the Fort Worth area such a great place to live.

Cases We Handle

Product liability is not something most people think about until it happens to them. If you suddenly find yourself or a loved one as the victim of a defective product, you likely have many questions about how to proceed. Fortunately, The Benton Law Firm has years of experience in handling product liability claims, and we can offer useful information to help you get started on the path to receiving the compensation you deserve.

What are some types of product liability?

  • Defective Pharmaceutical Products: Pharmaceutical products are usually so complicated that most people do not fully understand what is in them. We trust our doctors to know what is in the drugs they prescribe for us, and we hope that they are doing what is best for us by prescribing them. Most of the time, pharmaceutical products are safe and beneficial. But occasionally, pharmaceutical companies put profitability above safety. When corners are cut, people can get hurt. More than anything else we put into our bodies, drugs are something we have to use with faith that they are safe. We expect our doctors to prescribe safe products, and our doctors expect pharmaceutical companies to release safe drugs and devices. Defective drugs can be especially harmful because most people who use pharmaceutical products already have health problems that can make them more susceptible to complications from a botched batch of drugs. Holding pharmaceutical companies accountable for the products they make is vital to protecting some of society’s most vulnerable people.
  • Defective Food Products: The recent outbreaks of tainted food have highlighted how many ways our country’s system of food production can be compromised. Whether the problem stems from contaminated animals, dirty processing plants, or sick food handlers, any breakdown in food safety standards is a serious problem for society. Product liability attorneys are committed to making society safer by holding food producers accountable for lapses in safety standards.
  • Defective Children’s Products: Nothing is more infuriating and terrifying than seeing children harmed. When you buy a product for your child, you expect it to be safe. You certainly don’t expect something you buy to benefit your child to end up hurting them. Malfunctioning cribs, tainted baby formula, and toxic plastic toys are some examples of children’s products that have had to be recalled for safety failures. Enlisting the help of an experienced product liability lawyer can help you seek restitution and help other children from being harmed the same way.
  • Defective Vehicles: The fact that hundreds of car recalls are issued each year by automotive manufacturers shows how complicated vehicles have become and how many ways they can malfunction. Sadly, recalls don’t always happen in time to prevent devastating auto accidents that are the result of defective vehicles. Holding automotive designers and manufacturers responsible for defects is crucial to seeking justice and preventing further accidents. Vehicles are so powerful that even a seemingly small defect can have catastrophic results. That is why product liability attorneys take defective vehicle claims so seriously.

Defective products can cause serious harm to consumers, so we are standing by to help you take action against the manufacturer, distributor, or seller of the harmful product. We firmly believe that you shouldn’t pay out of pocket for medical bills and other expenses caused by a product you thought was safe. Contact us today at (817) 935-8000 for help.

What are the common causes of product liability?

The following are just a few of the most common causes of product liability:

  • Failure to provide sufficient warnings or instructions
  • Defects in product design
  • Defects in manufacturing
  • Errors in distribution

Don’t wait until it is too late to file an injury claim if a defective product has harmed you. Our product liability lawyers are standing by to help you get the justice you deserve.

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