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Dallas Workplace Accidents Lawyer

We often feel safe at work from any injuries, regardless of the type of industry we work in. However, any workplace can lend itself to injuries, whether you work in a shipyard, construction company, or office environment. A company should be able to guarantee workplace safety and if not, should be responsible for any injuries which may occur to an employee. If you have been injured in a work place accident, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Dallas work accident attorney.

Work Accidents

In 2012, around 4,400 workers were killed on the job throughout the country – an average of around 12 deaths each day. Out of this number, about 20% of workers killed in work place accidents were in the construction industry. The majority of deaths on construction sites include falls, object strikes, electrocution, and caught-in-between. The U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) refers to these injuries as the “Fatal four,” noting that if companies eliminated risks leading to these injuries, deaths in construction zones would drop by 50%.

OSHA has noted the following violations present in work places:

  • Fall protection
  • Hazard communication standard
  • Scaffolding requirements
  • Respiratory protection
  • Electrical and wiring methods
  • Powered industrial trucks
  • Ladders
  • Control of hazardous energy
  • Electrical systems design
  • Machinery and machine guarding

While most of these violations seem to be geared toward specific industries, any company can have exposed wiring or dangerous hazards that can lead to falls or other injuries. Construction is not the only industry that employees are subject to dangerous conditions, and many employees would be surprised to learn that construction workers only make up 20% of all work place injuries recorded throughout the country.

Other common work accidents also include:

  • Violent attacks
  • Repetitive motion injuries (such as typing)
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Walking into injuries, such as walls, glass, tables
  • Reaction injuries (caused by slipping or tripping)
  • Overexertion injuries

Companies should have proper safety features in place to protect workers against work place accidents and injuries. Any injuries you receive while at work can have devastating effects on your life and financial situation. You should not be forced to pay for any medical bills and lost wages you are subject to as the result of a work place injury.

The Benton Law Firm | Dallas Work Accident Attorneys

If you or a loved one have been injured in a work place accident, do not wait to contact the attorney at The Benton Law Firm. Work place injuries include a wide variety of injuries that can happen at any time during in any industry. Our Dallas injury attorney has years of experience in handling work place accidents, and understand the concern many clients have in bringing a claim against their employer. However, if you have been injured due to your employer’s negligent behavior, you should not be responsible for covering all medical and related bills that are the result of your injuries. Contact our offices today at (214) 777-7777 for your initial free consultation.

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