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Dallas Porch Collapse Lawyers

If you’ve been injured in a porch collapse in Dallas, contact The Benton Law Firm for help right away. According to an independent study conducted by a building services company using data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, nearly 200,000 people were injured in porch collapse incidents in a five-year period. These incidents can cause trauma, injuries, and even death. When a porch collapses, it usually means that the property owner was negligent in the design, construction, or maintenance of the structure.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries from a porch collapse, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, time off work, and other damages. At The Benton Law Firm, we can help you bring a claim so that you can get the relief you need to get your life back on track. Contact us today at (214) 777-7777 to schedule a free, confidential consultation with an experienced Dallas porch collapse lawyer.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

A porch collapse can be a complicated legal claim. After a porch collapse accident, you are likely focused on recovering from your injuries and dealing with medical bills in addition to your daily expenses. This type of accident claim can take several different directions. If the porch was defective or constructed improperly, you will need to seek relief from the manufacturer of the prefabricated materials, engineers, or builders. If the porch was on someone else’s property, it is more likely that you would bring a premises liability claim to hold the property owner liable for your injuries, and they may in turn blame other parties, creating a complicated web of liability. Having an experienced porch collapse attorney on your side will eliminate all the guesswork about the kind of claim you should bring. Let us handle the legal details, so you can focus on your recovery.

Insurance companies are another likely factor in porch collapse cases and an even more significant reason to use a lawyer. The insurance companies often take advantage of injured victims by offering quick settlements. While you may be tempted to take an early settlement to pay the bills that are starting to pile up, that money can run out fast, because these early offers are usually far too small. An experienced porch collapse attorney can ensure that you get the money you need to cover your expenses now and into the future. Do not let the insurance companies lowball you. At The Benton Law Firm, we have lots of experience negotiating and dealing with these big businesses, and we will make sure that your individual needs are completely represented before we agree on a settlement or decide to pursue a lawsuit.

Why Choose The Benton Law Firm?

The Benton Law Firm is a Texas firm with Texas values. We treat all clients with respect, and we apply the highest levels of integrity to our practice of the law. We have spent decades perfecting the way we practice law, and we have won millions for our clients as a result. Our vast experience and proven track record show that you can trust the legal advice we give and the decisions we suggest in how to proceed with your claim.

As a firm, we have been recognized with top honors from the Avvo legal directory system, and we are also members of the elite Million Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forums. Our lawyers are the best in the business, and our staff members complete our full-service team. We are fully committed to helping injured victims get the justice they deserve. Just one call to us will prove our dedication to our clients. Your first call is always free, so there is no risk.

Cases We Handle

In a mild climate state like Texas, balconies and porches can offer a great way to spend time outdoors. We make uses of porches at our residences as well as at bars, restaurants, and other gathering places that feature outdoor areas for customers’ enjoyment. Whether you are visiting a friend’s residence or dining out at a restaurant, you should be able to trust that the porch is safe.

Manufacturers, builders, and installers of porches have a duty to create safe products for your use and enjoyment. Business owners, landlords, and managers of residential housing units have a responsibility to regularly inspect their balconies and make repairs as necessary for residents’ and customers’ safety. When these systems fail, porches collapse and devastating injuries occur. Common causes of porch collapses include:

  • Rotten or Damaged Building Materials: Rotten wood or other disintegrating materials that make up the porch are often responsible for collapses. Builders must use strong materials that can be subject to weather conditions, and property owners need to select the best materials and inspect porches regularly for wear and tear.
  • Structural Damage: Storms, weight, and other factors can cause damage to porches and railings that can result in failure. Property owners need to conduct regular inspections of their property to keep you safe.
  • Defects: Improper design or manufacturing defects in the materials used for the porch are examples of defects that can cause accidents. If a porch has collapsed due to a defect, you need an attorney to help you investigate and gather evidence about the incident so that you can recover the maximum compensation available for your injuries and other damages.
  • Poor Craftsmanship: The way a porch is assembled can have profound effects on its lifespan. If a collapse is due to poor craftsmanship, you may be able to hold the porch designer or contruction company liable.

When you are involved in a porch collapse, the results can be devastating, even deadly. At The Benton Law Firm, we believe the parties responsible for your injuries should be held accountable, and we will fight aggressively so that you get the justice that you deserve. Your first consultation is always free, and you don’t pay us anything unless we win your case.

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