The Most Dangerous Streets and Intersections in Dallas

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Written by: Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers Last Updated : May 1, 2024

Some places around town are more dangerous than others, whether you drive, ride a bike, or walk. The hazard may come from the amount of traffic, strange configurations, or other factors that make an area of town more difficult to navigate safely. While every street and intersection can become dangerous when drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians fail to follow the road rules and pay attention, here are some of the most dangerous intersections and streets in Dallas.

Most Dangerous Dallas Intersections:

  • TX – 121 and Preston Road
  • I-635 and Coit Road
  • Belt Line Road and MacArthur Boulevard
  • Hebron Parkway at Hwy 121 and at Old Denton Road
  • Parker Road and North Dallas Tollway
  • Irving Boulevard and Story Road
  • Marsh Lane and Frankford Road

Many intersections in the city have traffic cameras installed. The camera footage is often used in vehicle accident cases to determine who is responsible. Use caution everywhere, but remember that your actions may be recorded when driving through certain areas of town.

Most Dangerous Dallas Streets:

  • S. Good Latimer Expressway; avoid crossing the road here when possible.
  • Texas 12 Loop, the Ledbetter to Great Trinity Forest stretch. The area has had several pedestrian deaths and many vehicle accidents.
  • Grand Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Both these spots have fast-moving traffic and very few crosswalks.
  • Oak Lawn residential area. Nighttime is a particularly dangerous time of day for foot traffic, and this area has a busy nightlife, making it a prime location for nighttime accidents.
  • Preston Road. Another fast road with few crosswalks is careful taking any mode of transportation up and down this Dallas road.

These are some of the streets and intersections you may recognize as having particular problems with traffic, multiple types of traffic, and careless driving behaviors. When you drive through these areas, use extra caution. Avoid them when possible.

Staying Safe on the Roads in Dallas

One of the best ways drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians can make their trips in the area safer is by making themselves more visible. Many intermodal accidents happen because someone was not paying attention. Pedestrians should wear reflective clothing at night and bright, visible clothing during the day. Cyclists should wear reflective clothing and have working lights and reflectors on their bikes at night. A working bell can also prevent cyclist or pedestrian accidents. Drivers can make themselves more visible by keeping their headlights on and using their horns when necessary.

All modes of transportation can travel more effectively by using the right communication signals. Turn signals on bicycles and cars can help other travelers decide where to cross streets, change lanes, or continue driving safely. Making eye contact with other travelers can also help.

Beware of any construction zones. Construction zones fluctuate in Dallas regularly, making different parts of the city more hazardous than others. If driving or traveling through a construction area, slow down and avoid driving distracted.

Use Technology to Plan Your Commute

Listen to the radio, check Google Maps, and look for alternate routes if you need to travel in a particularly hazardous area like a construction zone. You may be able to pinpoint another route that will allow you to get to your destination faster and more safely. Pedestrians and cyclists can also use apps to find safer walkways with sidewalks throughout the city. Some apps can even identify other Bluetooth-abled travelers and warn you of their presence before they get close enough to cause an accident.

While technology can make traveling in busy areas much safer, nothing can replace common sense and paying attention. Minimize distractions, and focus on driving. Avoid walking, driving, or cycling while intoxicated or sleepy, and report any unsafe conditions you notice to local authorities. If you have been injured in a cycling or pedestrian accident, contact skilled Dallas pedestrian accident attorney Jeff Benton.

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