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Dallas Brain Injuries News

Brain Injuries
July 5, 2015
What Part of the Brain is the Most Susceptible to Injury?

The Most Injury Prone Area of the Brain and How to Protect It While most parts of your brain can be affected by an accident, the frontal lobe is the most vulnerable area. It is also one of the most exposed and most used parts of the brain, making injuries there frequent and devastating. What Read More

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Brain Injuries
June 20, 2015
Who is Most at Risk for a Brain Injury?

These 4 demographics are most at risk for a brain injury While brain injuries can happen to anyone, they are more likely to affect certain demographics. Age and gender are two key risk factors for brain injury, with the very young and very old being most affected. Brain injuries range from mild concussions to life-altering Read More

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Brain Injuries
May 20, 2015
Warning Signs of a Child Head Injury

In children, the warning signs of a head injury can be difficult to interpret. Whenever a small child strikes his or her head, the best course of action is to get a physician to inspect the injury. Sometimes, however, a responsible adult may not be around during the time of injury. If you leave your Read More

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