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Written by: Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers Last Updated : May 1, 2024

When you are involved in a car accident, it can be a harrowing experience. Even the most levelheaded drivers can find it difficult to think clearly in an emotionally charged situation. However, proper documentation, from who was involved to what was damaged, is critical. Having documentation for an accident can save you time, money, and hassle. Did you know that there is an app for that? We’ll show you the best apps for car accidents that instruct you step-by-step. Some even include accident report forms and tell you what kinds of pictures to take.

Help, I Crashed My Car

This app is designed for Android users. It allows you to pre-load personal data, like emergency contacts, vehicle information like make and model, and insurance info, so it is there when you need it. It also tracks your location with GPS and gives you a checklist of things to do once you get in an accident. It even gives you an accident report form you can fill in with the names of the drivers and parts of the car affected. Another neat feature is that it gives you links to nearby rental car agencies and body shops to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Consumer Reports notes that it can be a little crowded and could use some graphics, however.

Car Accident Report

Designed for iPhone users, Car Accident Report has many of the same features as Help, I Crashed My Car; you can pre-load your information, it tracks your location with GPS, and it has checklists as well as an accident report form. One perk of the iPhone app is that you can integrate your camera to take photos at the scene, and they will be sent with your notes, interviews, and diagrams via email.


iWrecked is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. With iWrecked, you can preload all your vehicle and insurance information so it is on hand when you need it. It gives you step-by-step instructions once you get in an accident, and it will compile all of your interviews and notes in one place. As an added bonus, it puts you in touch with the nearest towing service using your GPS.

Insurer Apps

Most major auto insurance companies have their own apps that will walk you through what to do in an accident. How they work varies from company to company. At Esurance, policyholders can sign into a live videochat, using their phones’ cameras to show agents the damage to the car. Allstate’s QuickFoto claim guide shows motorists how to snap and submit photos from their phones.

What Is the Advantage of Having an App?

You know the drill when it comes to filing an auto accident claim: get in accident, file claim, wait (and wait) for a claims adjuster to provide an estimate, get the car repaired, and wait some more for a reimbursement check. With apps, you can cut out the middle man. “You do not have to wait around anymore for an adjuster to show up,” Ellen Carney, a principle analyst for Forrester told CNBC. “It completely changes consumers’ perspective on insurance.” Allstate claims that using its app, customers can have an estimate in an average of four hours.

It is important to keep in mind that this is just for normal fender bender or cosmetic claims. If you have been in a more serious accident, waiting for claims might take longer, especially if people have been injured. If you are ever in an accident, always check to make sure everyone is okay before proceeding with your accident report.

If you or a loved one has been in an accident, it can be hard to know how to proceed. Especially when you are missing time from work due to injury, you need to know you have a powerful advocate on your side. Contact the Dallas personal injury lawyer that clients call “exceptional” and “honest.”

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