Four of the most dangerous intersections in Texas are in Austin

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Written by: Benton Accident & Injury Lawyers Last Updated : May 1, 2024

A new study from the Texas Department of Transportation revealed some of the most dangerous intersections in the state. They included accident sites that had at least 48 collisions within the last four years.

According to TDoT, four of the 279 most dangerous intersections in Texas are in Austin. In particular, the worst intersection in Austin is located at East Riverside and South Valley Road. Sadly, that is the site of 68 crashes, 53 injuries, and no fatalities, Data ranged between 2012 and 2015. Next on the list is the intersection at Lamar Boulevard and Parmer Lane where 56 crashes, 45 injuries, and one fatality occurred. Following are the intersections at Lamar Boulevard and Butler Road, as well as Riverside and Willow Creek Drive

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